KH Foundation is a Combination of History & The Present Time.  
            Under the expert guidance of Sh.Kiranjit Bawa, Founder & Chairman, this organization has taken the initiative to look into the system and help improve the areas where public support is required. Be it in the field of Sports or Art & Culture, Education Sector or Religious Activities. Last but not the least is the field of Social Activities.             
Our Aims & Objectives  ::
          Kapurthala heritage Foundation started as an attempt by a motivated citizen of this
          great town to achieve the following objectives:
  • To do our bit in helping our own fellow citizens and our city in an attempt to promote the Kapurthala 'fraternity'. Developing a chain of Kapurthalaites, so that its people can help their own people in 'profession', children in achieving 'education', in getting more 'exposure' and more 'support' for all.
  • To ensure 'integrity' and 'preservation' of the various sites of the City.
  • To provide a 'discussion forum' for the people who live in the city or outside and all those who have ever been associated with it.